All climate change promotion is propaganda, Stop being brainwashed !
There is NO problem with the climate other than the GEO-ENGINEERING which is all pollution.
Wind farms are a worthless waste of resources and wildlife.
We have no time for your LBTZQ2 pronouns, trans and pride woke issues.
Covid is a scam to push the 'kill-shot', PCR testing is rigged.
BIRD-FLU is 100% BULL SHIT, there is no bird-flu, PCR test cycles over 40 !
CLOSE the EPA, FBI, FDA, CIA, DEA, ATF, FED, NATO, WEF, WHO they do not serve Americans.
Israel a 'terrorist-government' state created on Palestine land in 1917, learn the history.
Russia did NOT invade Money-Laundering-Ukraine, The US Government-NATO invaded Russia.
People living in Ukraine are paying the price with 500,000 of their young men dead.

Get rid of all the lies and we can save our country. Stop all foreign aid.

Jail the RINOs/democrats and start mass-deportations of the 50 million illegal aliens.
It's past time to clean all the crooks and criminals out of American government.

Time to wake up, Stop believing all the lies, if it sounds fake, it is fake.

A-I will expose and document all the lies and corruption in government.
Or is Artificial-Intelligence just more worthless technology., Central Ohio, Buckeye Lake
Buckeye Lake is 3600 acres, unlimited horse power.
Please wear a life jacket.

The shop closed July 2021 due to the failed economy.
The shop is closed for 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Have questions about, engines, canvas, welding/fabrication...
Email daveb(at)lakesidecanvas(dot)com

summer is here   --> air up the boat trailer tires !
Inspect your life jackets, keep them handy, wear them.
Looks like boat gas will be over $3.50

Made in America

Engine manufactured in 1958, never been apart, has new spark plugs.

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